Abnormal Sleepz

  • Artist

    Abnormal Sleepz

  • Agent

    Danny Misell

  • Based

    Manchester, UK

  • Label

    The North Quarter

Abnormal Sleepz is the multi-talented artist and producer, consistently establishing himself as a pioneer of his sound in Manchester’s ever-growing rap scene. With his raw talent for self-production, Sleepz has seen a run of successes through his catalogue, with his introspective lyricism and signature beats showcased through his 2019 project ‘Kaleidoscope’ and the successful mixtape series ‘The Meditapes’. Since then his single releases have seen multiple wins including features on Spotify’s acclaimed ‘New Music Friday’, setting a strong foundation ready for the drop of his new project ‘Gino’s LP’ on August 13th.
 THE MEDICAVE Through his successful studio ‘The Medicave’, Sleepz’ talents are not only obvious through his own music, but extend to the uprising of the Manchester scene. With his sound rippling through the community and helping artists, Sleepz has proven his expertise outside of production, broadening into songwriting, engineering and artist development. An advocate for the destigmatisation of mental health, Sleepz’ actively uses his platform to educate, having collaborated with Melanin Markets for a day of mindfulness, and actively speaking on panels and in schools.
Having collaborated with countless brands including Size?, Flannels, JD Sports, Timberland, Wray and Nephew to name a few, Sleepz has also delved into the modelling world with an exclusive collaboration with Size? and Homegrown, seeing his style develop alongside his artistry. Click Below for more info about The Medicave THE NEW LP 13/8/23 GINO’S LP 2023 sees a new era for Abnormal Sleepz, with the release of his new project ‘Gino’s LP’. Self professed to be a pit stop in his career, Sleepz explains how the project is a fusing of his past and present, and depicts the importance of trust and a support network to lean on.
Maintaining the significance of his early catalogue whilst leaning into a new sauce, Sleepz gives us a familiar introspection whilst weaving in and out of elements of rap, rnb, and afro fusion. The title track ‘Gino’s LP’ shows the versatility of his flows and his ability to strip the track back and let his poetic license take the forefront, whilst juxtaposed by the playful, old school groove of tracks such as ‘For The Ladies’.
Alongside high energy tracks like ‘Popular Front’ and ‘Take A Hit’, Sleepz has left room for deeper reflection on tracks such as ‘Choice’, written for men who, in Sleepz’ own words, “struggle to put their emotions on the line but have a lot they want to say”. Gino’s LP is out on all platforms 13th August 2023. GINO’S LP A pioneer of collaboration, Sleepz has unsurprisingly brought an impressive list of features to the LP, with some of Manchester’s finest making their mark including Black Josh, [K S R], HMD and Tantzz. Taking his listeners through a journey of emotions and revelations, Sleepz creates a project that not only meets people where they are in their own journey of self discovery, but leaves room for an upcoming higher volume of his music. Gino’s LP is out on all platforms 13th August 2023
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