Hinako Omori

  • Artist

    Hinako Omori

  • Agent

    Jan Bouwhuis

  • Based

    United Kingdom

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Hinako Omori is a composer who thinks deeply about her music, and provides generously to her listeners. Born in Yokohama, Japan, she moved to the UK when she was three years old and lives in London. She began her musical path learning classical piano, later training as a sound engineer, and has since moved into working with analogue synths. Previous to releasing her own solo material she toured with and played on records by a raft of critically acclaimed musicians, including Kae Tempest, Georgia, and EOB, among many others, but it is her work in sound engineering that provides the bedrock of skills that manifest her vision for “a journey…”, articulating a whole world in binaural field recordings, analogue synthesisers and augmented vocals.

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