Meg Mchugh

  • Artist

    Meg Mchugh

  • Agent

    Jason O'Regan

  • Based

    London, UK

Meet Meg McHugh, a down-to-earth DJ, producer, and advocate whose 2023 has been nothing short of monumental, with even more in store for 2024.

Meg isn’t just about the music; she’s about making a difference. With a combined following of over 100,000, she uses her platform to shed light on important issues like ADHD awareness, grief processing, and promoting inclusivity. Meg’s not your typical DJ – she’s a force for positive change.

Hailing from the Scottish town of Hawick, where dance music scenes were scarce, Meg’s journey began when she moved to Aberdeen for university. Her first night out, witnessing Breach, set her on a path to explore house and dance music and progressed into radio fame. Starting at Northsound, she quickly climbed the ranks, eventually hosting her own show on Clyde 1 in Glasgow and other sister stations across Scotland.
It was in Glasgow’s techno and trance scene that Meg discovered her true passion. She sought out clubs/ events and held down residencies across the city. When lockdown hit, she found solace in her Technics turntables, building a record collection that would serve her well in the future.

In October 2022, Meg made a bold move to London to join the Capital Dance and Capital Weekender team, and was recently promoted to Capital FM for an extra show every Sunday evening. Her infectious energy and musical prowess instantly won over fans. She also launched her own club night, NØH NISŪRA in London, to showcase London’s finest trance and techno talent, which sold out on it’s first night at 25 Paul Street.

Meg McHugh is evolving from a DJ to an artist. She’s gearing up to drop her highly anticipated debut single, a move that’s got the entire industry buzzing.

Meg McHugh is a rising star, but she’s also just like you and me, with a passion for music and a drive to make the world a better place. Her journey is inspiring, and there’s no doubt that 2024 will be a year to remember.