Andy Stott

Agent: Naomi Palmer
Based: UK
Label: Modern Love


Andy Stott has progressed from making high-quality dub techno to exploring singular and more adventurous strains integrating hardcore techno, post-punk, and dream pop — among other inspirations — that have evoked feelings ranging from dread to exhilaration. A few years after he made his full-length debut with Merciless (2006), Stott took a sharp left turn with Passed Me By and We Stay Together (both 2011), grinding mini-albums descriptively (if humorously) termed as “knackered house.” That creative breakthrough has helped fuel the British producer’s distinctive subsequent albums, from the definitive Luxury Problems (2012) to Never the Right Time (2021), all of which have mixed the atmospheric vocals of Alison Skidmore with a host of sampled and processed voices. Stott has also recorded under the name Andrea and has collaborated under the guises of Millie & Andrea and Hate.

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