Agent: Lauren Kaye
Based: London/ Brighton
Label: Brownswood


London via Brighton duo Anushka are the brainchild of Victoria Port (singer-songwriter) & Max Wheeler (producer). With influences from Detroit Hip Hop, Chicago House and 2000s RnB, their hybrid sound is hard to pin down but designed equally for the sound system and the reflective post-rave solace.

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Upcoming Bookings

Patterns, Brighton 09/03/2018
Ideal Bar, Vega, Copenhagen 15/03/2018
Headrow house, Leeds 16/03/2018
Hug & Pint, Glasgow 22/03/2018
Underworld cafe, Dundee 23/03/2018
London, Pickle factory 12/04/2018
Bristol, Rough trade 13/04/2018