Agent: Lucy Atkinson
Based: London, UK
Label: Atlantic


At the beginning of this year, everything changed for April. As well as relocating from her sleepy hometown of Kilcullen – a small town in County Kildare – to forge a new path in London, the artist was also throwing herself into single life following recent break-up, and getting to know the late-night spots of her new city. “I was going out a lot and partying – kind of escaping, reality,” she says. “Doing some dumb stuff and looking for that thrill of life.” It’s a journey that sent her roaming the city in search of something she couldn’t quite pin down. Those early months in London proved a pivotal, perspective-shaping chapter, and as April puts it “I learned to love being by myself again.” And hitting play on the artist’s forthcoming mixtape ‘STARLANE’, named after her recording studio’s local DLR station, threads of dance music and high-octane pop both weave their way into her boldest, brightest release yet. “The music feels like stars; a lane is a kind of road. It’s about going in a new direction. ‘STARLANE’ is definitely marking a new start; I want to cleanse the palate and start from scratch.”

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