Agent: Daniel Turner
Based: Detroit, USA
Label: T4T LUV NRG


Unafraid to dig deep and also play the hits, Detroit-based deejay BEIGE has caught the ears of T4TLUVNRG, The Bunker, Sublimate, Jack Dept. & other in-the-know crews. A fast-rising talent in the North American queer underground, they have become a regular fixture on the forward-thinking Midwest/East Coast party circuit. From their homebase in Detroit, they host the monthly show Chaotic Neutral on The Lot Radio, organize educational workshops for DJs of marginalized genders as a member of Seraphine Collective, and provide local support to internationally touring acts. The BEIGE sound is anything but—they are known for smooth mixing and colorful, unpretentious sets that whip between genres and tempos: big melodies, big vocals, big Moods. Beyond the usual house-techno-disco touchpoints, expect to hear psychedelic gospel, leftfield club and ballroom, thizz-face electro and UK/global bass, sprinkled with cheeky pop references. Their dramatic approach has earned the support of dance music institutions including Movement Festival, Boiler Room, Hot Mass, Nowadays, Bossa Nova Civic Club and Smartbar. On a Funktion-One or in a field under the full moon, BEIGE strives to honor the dancefloor as a space for healing and transformation.