Agent: Danny Misell

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Chimpo is the UKs music legacy personified. His legendary DJ sets take in all the genres created within the UK and all of the influences that inform them. Hailing from Manchester, he comes from a long line of musical innovators and you can hear this in his output.

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Upcoming Bookings

Hospitality in the Park, Finsbury Park, London 21/09/2019
Sub Dub, Wire, Leeds 25/09/2019
Massive Night, Deposito Pontecorvo, Pisa, Italy 28/09/2019
The Blast, Motion, Bristol 05/10/2019
Return 2 Jungle, WHP, Mayfield Depot, Manchester 05/10/2019
The Box, Nottingham 08/10/2019
Chimpo All night, Patterns, Brighton 11/10/2019
The Blast, Carnival of the Dead, Motion, Bristol 02/11/2019
Dubplate Style, Studio 338, London 29/11/2019
Return 2 Jungle, Drumsheds, London 30/11/2019
The Disco Shed, The Book Club, London 21/12/2019
Critical, Printworks, London 15/02/2020