Closet Yi

Agent: Oliver Seaman
Based: Seoul, South Korea
Label: Honey Badger Records


Closet Yi is a DJ and producer based in Seoul, South Korea. She has played at some of the most respected underground clubs in Seoul, including Cakeshop, Faust, Pistil, Contra and more. She has recently released on Korea’s only electronic music label Honey Badger Records with her ‘Ruminate’ EP, as well as London based labels all my thoughts and No Bad Days. Her career at the Hyundai Card music Library as a resident DJ and librarian for two years has influenced her to go beyond dance music genres, and to expand her passion further through traditional and modern Korean sounds, other worldly music and rare archived samples. This became the source of inspiration for the unique atmosphere in her tracks. She’s the kind of DJ you might find spinning in a dusty record bar in Seoul, or playing to a thousand people on a Funktion-one sound system.