Based: USA
Label: Deaf Rock

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The first American group to sign with Deaf Rock Records, the duo Crocodiles released Love Is Here (The End Is Near), their seventh album this year. Electrically charged with time, the album expresses heartbreak and anxiety on a global scale. But with 20 years of friendship and music backing them,Charlie Rowell and Brandon Welchez (creators of Crocodiles) know how to take on adversity: by persevering and banding together to create 10 songs like lightning bolts in a stormy sky.

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Upcoming Bookings

Bordeaux, L'Astrodome 26/09/2019
Madrid, Independance - Tomavistas Festival Party 27/09/2019
Oviedo, La Salvaje 28/09/2019
Barcelona, Upload (SonEG) 30/09/2019
Montpellier, Le Rockstore 02/10/2019
Le Mans, Salle Jean Carmet d'Allonnes 03/10/2019
Laval, 6 PAR 4 10/10/2019
Magny le Hongre, File 7 11/10/2019
Ris-Orangis, Le Plan 12/10/2019