Daisy George

Agent: Alba Martin


Daisy George has been active in the London jazz scene for many years, performing as a bassist for established artists such as Poppy Ajudha and Jas Kayser. Now, having developed her own solo project, she’s ready to self-release her debut EP in 2022. Featuring collaborations with Lady Sanity and Mohan, the unique sound combines aspects of contemporary jazz, 90s hip-hop beats and 70s rock-pop melodies.

Taking influence from other successful young artists writing jazz-influenced music, Daisy wants to bring the genre to a wider community of people where people can enjoy it, dance, and express themselves without judgement.

She performed the unreleased tracks for Brainfeeder records ‘The Hit’ livestream in April 2021, and was interviewed both on Soho Radio and Collette Cooper’s ‘Sisters in the Shadows’ podcast, as well as being featured in Jazzwise magazine’s May 2021 edition.