Electric Jalaba

Agent: André Marmot
Based: London, UK
Label: Strut Records


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Now signed to legendary afro/jazz label Strut Records.

“Loving the release, we need to get them in the studio!” Gilles Peterson, BBC 6 MUSIC

Their most impressive work to date. A wonderfully visceral record.” Future Music

“A strong album that is exploratory while remaining well rooted in tradition.” Songlines

“Frenetic Anglo-Moroccan sextet infuse gnawa trance rituals with Comet Is Coming-style synth-jazz prophecies. Good attitude!” Uncut

“Une fusion hypnotique qui puise autant dans le mystère de traditions rituelles nord-
africaines que dans des arrangements dignes des meilleurs dancefloors contemporains.” FIP

“Bringing the otherworldly sounds of electronic trance music to Moroccan ritual gnawa.” New Internationalist