Feng Suave

Agent: Naomi Palmer
Based: Amsterdam


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involved overdubbing every instrument onto a digital grid, and thus provided us an opportunity to capture a raw and dense sound.

By avoiding the usual computerised workstation and focussing in and around analogue instruments, it changed a lot for us creatively and allowed us to focus more on capturing a genuine moment rather than recording a flawless take.

Our engineer Jasper Geluk played an integral part in the process, as we introduced string arrangements to our recordings for the first time and again worked with our long-time friends, band members and collaborators Adura Sulaiman, Kike Swagerman, Ivar Otten and Gino Buragevic.

The four songs on this EP avoid one single collective mood or narrative, and instead take on individual themes. ‘Unweaving the Rainbow Forever’is a playful allusion to the ongoing environmental catastrophe and ‘Come Gather ‘Round’ is a somewhat cynical reproach of capitalism and greed which also includes a nod to the prospect of the impending end of civilisation, whereas ‘Show Me’ is a very personal song which deals with insurmountable individual emotional grief while ‘Tomb For Rockets’ is kind of all of the above, and kind of just a love song.