Gigi Masin

Agent: Naomi Palmer
Based: Venice, IT
Label: Music from Memory


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the label in 2015. Gigi says it was “an instant friendship”, a dream collaboration where they only had to sit in a studio and “let the music fill the space”.

Back in Italy – where he remains, just outside Venice, having left his post office job to devote himself to music full-time – he struck up a relationship with Luciano Ermondi and Paolo Mazzacani of Tempelhof after a show in Mantua; their two joint albums for Italian label Hell Yeah – Hoshi and Tsuki – came in bursts of inspiration, virtually but simply. Gigi also appeared on PAN as part of Lifted, a group spearheaded by Future Times founder Andrew Field-Pickering (Max D / Beautiful Swimmers), also featuring Matthew Papich (Co La), Jeremy Hyman (Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks), Motion Graphix, Jordan Czamanski (Juju & Jordash), and Dawit Eklund (1432 R). A series of singles came on Throne of Blood, Dekmantel, and Light In The Attic, along with dates at festivals, galleries, and opening for Oneohtrix Point Never and Devendra Banhart.

With more international tour dates, upcoming collaborations, an upcoming album of new material – Calypso – on R&S/Apollo, and a continuous refusal to be pigeonholed as ambient, new age, Balearic, modern classical, or whatever you wish to call him, Gigi Masin continues to be one of the most quietly innovative and singular artists in the scene. Not wanting to rest on his laurels and remain tethered to past triumphs, he remains facing forward, doing things “in the same way I did in the past, when nobody cared”.