Agent: Lucy Atkinson
Based: Bristol, UK
Label: Tempa / Transistor / 50 Weapons / Idle Hands


Headhunter aka Anthony Williams is one of the dubstep scenes most prolific producers and has released some of the scenes biggest tunes over the course of the last 10 years. Back in 2006 he was championed by the legendary DJ Youngsta and released continuously on dubsteps most iconic label Tempa. His productions started off with twitchy minimal half-step rhythms on the label Ascension he set up with flat-mate Tech Itch. His sound then developed into a niche section of the dubstep scene, sitting comfortably between the ultra-heavy bass styles of Skream, Benga and his Tempa stable mates, and the deeper Berlin influenced techno side of the dubstep coin, favoured by the likes of Scuba, 2562 & Martyn.

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