Agent: Naomi Palmer
Based: LA
Label: No World Recordings


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As Light As Light is direct and ethereal. At times traditional, but from another world. With their instrumental abilities soaring and thumping behind words of opening and praise. Guided by a soulful voice of joyful longing, there is off- kilter low and live funk, 12 string guitar and pedal steel counterpoint, and at times pure gospel. As Light As Light is an album unparalleled in its choices and a peaceful feeling seems deeply embedded in the music.

The brothers explain, “For this album, the songs presented themselves, and either they came or they didn’t we didn’t bother getting in the way we tried to focus on the raw expression of the song just as they came to us.” Most of the album was recorded live, and consists of mostly first takes. It was recorded by the brothers with their closest musician friends and produced and mixed with Cole MGN (Beck, Julia Holter).

Brothers Andrew Aged (lead vocals/guitar) & Daniel Aged (bass, production, vocals) have created a small ripple that is continuously broadening. Over the past few years, inc. no world (AKA inc.) has created a sound and live experience completely unique to their intentions. Drawing from a place of true introspection, they carry a tune that is strong, ethereal, uplifting and tender.

Inspired by the liberating ability of music and their experiences playing gospel, experimental, and soulful music since their early teens, the brothers began with mutually prodigious abilities on their instruments (Guitar/Bass) leading them to play with many of the legends they grew up admiring.

After releasing a few songs and playing shows in 2010, they caught the attention of distinguished UK label 4AD , who then released the brothers’ debut album No World in 2013. The album was met with praise and open ears, cementing a signature sound for the band, and giving their audience a sense of what to expect. The success of the album landed them a spot on the Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack, a personal invitation to perform from Deepak Chopra , and led to a collaboration with UK singer FKA Twigs .

In the past two years, the brothers took some time to focus themselves:
inc. no world is now back and more centered than ever, ready to open the next door. In May 2016, they released “The Wheel,” a soulful trip of a love song, to announce the beginning of their next chapter. As Light As Light, the upcoming second LP, marks a new iteration of the band, progress made while retaining their refreshing, seductive, natural sound that has cemented the brothers’ place. As Light As Light will be released on all digital platforms on September 9 , and vinyl will be available in stores on Record Store Day (November 31) with pre-order online.