ishi vu

Agent: Jan Bouwhuis
Based: Stockholm
Label: Glum Trigger / PIAS


“At the core of all this, there’s a sense of longing, but a sense of acceptance as well. It’s kind of dualistic, where you’re content but you’re still wanting to go to another point and know more.” Big talk from a 28 year old, but this isn’t a precocious manifesto, it’s the carefully considered analysis of a young man who thinks carefully before saying anything. And it only takes a little time listening to ishi vu’s music to understand that he doesn’t mess about: his ability to sonically capture these deep philosophical inquiries – and make it a pleasure to engage with – is truly remarkable. In five years, he’s made his name on Sweden’s, and increasingly the world’s, electronica scene, but now with the album La Luz, he’s reached a whole new level. Created in response to a deep transformational experience, the record is simply unique: channeling all genres and none into a depiction of some of the most fundamental human feelings.

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