JJ Esko

Agent: Max Lee
Based: Leicester, UK
Label: Rebel Records


Hailing from Leicester in the East Midlands region of the UK, JJ Esko is one of the most talented up and coming rappers in the UK rap scene. Despite only being in his early twenties JJ Esko has already experienced a lot of hardships in life, from the loss of close family members to spending time in jail. In 2018, after deciding that he wanted to pursue his passion for music more seriously, JJ Esko released a string of singles throughout the year which helped him build a loyal and passionate fanbase. He continued this consistency into 2019 with singles including ‘Bandz’, ‘Winning’ and ‘Like Me’ culminating in the release of “Opp Block” which has over 1 million streams and garnered over 2 million views on YouTube to date. JJ Esko continued 2020 in the same vein he ended 2019, releasing a number of singles which not only highlighted his immense talent but also his growth as an artist, this is most evident in the  ‘One Mic’ and ‘Hype on the Mic’ freestyles he recorded for GRM Daily and BBC Asian Network respectively.

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