Agent: Lauren Kaye
Based: London
Label: fang


Represented by Lauren Kaye & Kayleigh Lawrence

Out of a Brockley based bedroom emerges smoky vocalist Ojerime amid her highly coveted ‘Night Rider’ music. The self-made soulster is a millennial hybrid. Nostalgic R&B is interwoven with ambient electro and loosely injected with nineties swing-beat. The end product is a rich and sophisticated palette that leans towards murky melancholia. Atop, her quasi-noughties-Aaliyah tone is riddled with homegrown idioms and delivered with a South London vernacular that firmly anchors her sound within Black British womanhood.

Since the release of her inaugural EP The Silhouette back in 2015, and its follow ups Fang2001 and 4U Ojerime has firmly maintained her status as an independent artist. Her autonomy is evident in every aspect of her work and aesthetics are a key component of it.

To date Ojerime’s featured in campaigns for Selfridges x Dazed’s Music Matters and Levi’s x gal-dem, also in collaboration with Dazed. Her experiences of sexuality, depression and genderism comprise the fabric of her sound. Ojerime presents herself as a fractured individual; using music to provide a cathartic release for artist and audience alike. For her forthcoming 2020 project, expect a continued exploration of these themes through a more experimental lens; anamalgamation of beats, cadence and instrumentation across the spectrum of avant-garde R&B and electro. In combination with a more innovative approach to her visuals that sees her critiquing the performativity of femininity.