Agent: Naomi Palmer
Based: London
Label: Innovative Leisure


“I think I was brainwashed by Jack Black in School of Rock“: not what you expect from a young black Hackney raised jazz musician/producer/vocalist making, broadly speaking, abstract hip hop. But RarelyAlways doesn’t really do the expected. From the earliest age, he’s walked his own path, absorbing culture and music from even the most unlikely sources, lending his skills and fearsome work ethic to the widest possible range of projects, always focused on the big picture. Not only a dizzying array of musical education and practice, but a whole ethical framework and worldview carefully constructed as he’s felt his way through life, are encapsulated in every bar of every track. It’s a lot in every sense: but somehow, as you’ll hear on his debut EP, this is all boiled down into a clear, concise and easy to grasp expression.

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