Agent: Lucy Atkinson
Based: London, UK
Label: Anticon / Ninja Tune / Activia Benz


Slugabed is Greg. He lives in London and has been using the same buggy version of FruityLoops since he was 14. He’s 27 now. That’s 13 years of weirdly damaged bass music spewing from his odd little mind. On Facebook he describes his chosen genre as “steeped pears,” while someone a bit more helpfully once tweeted that he “paints disconnect and loneliness in a tumble of fascinating beats.” The point is, Greg drinks while he works, and he would have no idea how, for instance, he manages to be both of his time and so far ahead of it, to tell vivid stories without using words, or to make mercurial heaters that ought to be hung in aural art galleries considering the way he smears vibrant organic and synthetic sounds across an uncanny sonic valley. He has released with revered IDM labels like Ninja Tune and Planet Mu, helped launch indie imprints like Donky Pitch and Activia Benz, DJed dingy bars in every corner of this earth, run many a Boiler Room broadcast, and soundtracked at least one psychedelic yoga session. Depending on the day, your ears may detect in his music bits of glitch, ambient, trap, future bass, new age, strange pop and/or/mostly “other.” Ultimately, Slugabed is a producer unmoored—a superb floating sound island unto himself.

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