Sofia Kourtesis

Agent: Oliver Seaman
Based: Berlin
Label: Studio Barnhus


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movies and personal encounters; Kourtesis’ music is joyful, infectious and undeniably singular.

All this is exemplified in ‘Sarita Colonia’, the title-track released today. Kourtesis’ satisfyingly bold production swirls around samples both familiar and distant, quickly building to all-out euphoria which never takes an eye off the dancefloor while remaining the kind of track you can play anywhere.

Elsewhere ‘Hollywood’ – a Studio Barnhus favourite – showcases smooth melodics contrasted with a mind-expanding mid-section. ‘Moninga’ shifts things up a little with its dizzying groove and last but most certainly not least ‘Akariku”s introspective musings and inverted wails close the EP in startling fashion over glistening arpeggios.