The Younger Lovers

Agent: Liam Carroll
Based: Oakland, California


The Younger Lovers started in 2003 as the bedroom demo project of Brontez Purnell-Purnell (a punk and rock n roll aficionado since his early teens) moved to the Bay Area in the wee hours of the 2000’s to become an aspiring dancer, writer, as well as musician. The sound of The Younger Lovers takes a foot hold from Purnell’s equal love of all melody based rock forms -indie, Blues, garage, surf, riot-grrrl, soul and punk- all distilling into a singularity of sound that is as unique as it is audacious. Purnell joined the ranks of punk/electro-clash/riot-rrrrl band Gravy Train!!! And toured alongside Le Tigre, Jr.Sr., ESG and a host of other influential bands. He is from 3 generations of blues musicians and developed a love for guitar from his Grand Uncle J.J Malone who moved from Alabama to Oakland in the 60’s and went to be an executive for the famous Fantasy/ Galaxy Records in Berkeley as well as worked alongside Etta James, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Al Green, and Big Mama Thornton to name a few. After being disillusioned with the electronic scene Purnell returned to rock n roll self recoding all the tracks for the first 3 Younger Lovers Lp’s (Newest Romantic-2008, Rock Flawless-2011, + Sugar In My Pocket-2013). 2017’s “Young Brothers LP” is a pointed departure from original releases marking the first time Purnell has recorded with band mates Rich Gutierrez and Ezra Rabin- (now with Sean Tevis switching out Gutierrez on drums). With power and sonic clarity The Younger Lovers outline their musical mission: 1.) annihilate all status quo rock n roll 2.) hug and dance at shows more and 3.) make a rock n roll love potion for all Earth’s people.