Agent: Ben Haslett
Based: Germany & Iceland
Label: Street Pulse Records

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Ultraflex creates a flamboyant audio-visual world inspired by disco, funk and tongue-in-cheek tasteless aesthetics. The duo’s material is both kitsch and conceptual – pushed through a contemporary pop culture filter. Ultraflex creates their own brand new lotion carefully tailored to your needs. Ultraflex started out drawing tons of inspiration from Soviet and Eastern European electronic music from the 80s, especially Estonian synth-funk producer Uku Kuut, while playing around with old Soviet aerobic videos as visuals for their concerts. On their upcoming album ‘Infinite Wellness’, the sources of inspiration includes International Music System, Master C & J and Alice Deejay on their dashing singles ‘Baby’, ‘Mi Vuoi’ and ‘Under The Spell’; Enrique Iglesias, Usher, Spice Girls and author Carmen Maria Machado on their power ballad ‘Melting Away’; while also drawing inspiration from Alessandro Alessandroni and Snoop Dog on the sensual ‘Ultrasex’.