Zach Witness

Agent: Naomi Palmer
Based: London, UK


A young Dallas, TX boy popped out the womb with a presence. He became a b-boy from age 5 all the way to 7. By 8 he was a drummer, punk bands and all. 11 a DJ, turntables and dance halls. 16 a club king, rocking bodies from East to West Texas. A scene called “Dallas Boogie” with extra starched down presses. Rappers heard his rhythms and asked for his ear. He taught himself keys to get the signal clear. But his true stripes were earned in a way bestowed unto few. The christening from a Goddess named Erykah Badu . Together they intertwined and made musical cyclones. The album they made together, “But You Cain’t Use My Phone”. Doors opened and life unfurled as he learned from the masters. Among them the mythical André 3000 . With knowledge born, he decided “it’s time to share”. His own musical mire manifested into magical groovy glares. To London, UK he became entrained and summoned. A place to be free, a place to really be sumthin’. Here he now resides, crafting his realest. Reminding us to dance, to feel, and to forever be the Witness .