Bassline is fast re-emerging across the UK from the shadows of Grime, bringing clubbing back to club land.

Giving more than a passing nod to the 4×4 Garage and Rave scenes of the 2000’s, Bassline originated in the Midlands, centered initially around the infamous Niche night club in Sheffield (which also lent it’s name as an alternative moniker to the genre). The first major  flush of popularity for Niche or Bassline was in the early to mid 2000s but, like early Grime, the scene was widely associated with violence and a culture of crime. Niche was raided by 300 police in 2005 and despite no arrests being made the venue was shut down. Following these events a negative perception of the scene led to increasing reticence from promoters to house events, and the culture of Bassline was stifled out of the market.

10 years later and in spite of it’s early suppression, the sound has made a strong comeback via the persistence of artists like DJ Q, Preditah, Flava D, Bassboy and Jamie Duggan to the point that it now looks set to dominate clubland.

Check out these essential Bassline Artists @ Earth

Mr Virgo