How to blow up without a label

You don’t need to be signed these days to hit it big. The team behind breakout rapper AJ Tracey share the secrets to making it without record label backing.

Written by Ben Homewood for Red Bull 

In 2019, there’s no better example of how to blow up without a record label than AJ Tracey. Fully independent, the anime-loving West London MC has grown from a young pretender to king of the scene, with a Top 3 album, hit singles and huge sold out shows under his belt.

On September 26, AJ offered thanks to his fans on Twitter. Nothing unusual about that, the rapper is frequently tapping out messages and posting photos for his followers. Only this time, he was expressing his gratitude after the second of two shows at London’s Alexandra Palace in November – that’s 20,000 tickets – had sold out.
“No label. Didn’t announce new music,” he wrote. “Somehow you guys helped me sell out two Ally Pallys. Thank you, I’m gassed!”