MC Yallah & Debmaster tipped by RA as one of five key performances at Unsound Festival 2019

“MC Yallah and Debmaster have put out a couple EPs on Hakuna Kulala, an offshoot of Nyege Nyege Tapes, but they only started practicing their live show two weeks before their Friday night appearance at Hotel Forum. Their chemistry, it turns out, clearly extends beyond the studio and onto the stage. The Kenyan rapper and French producer performed in The Kitchen, with Yallah’s sharp, charismatic rapping (delivered in both in Luganda and Swahili) working the packed dance floor into a froth. Unsound has worked closely with Nyege Nyege in recent years (this year, Nyege Nyege’s Arlen Dilsizian was listed as a guest curator), and MC Yallah looks set to follow other East African artists like Otim Alpha, MCZO & Duke and Kampire onto the international stage.”

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