New Artists On Earth - August

Here’s a round up of the latest new signings to Earth. If you’d like this news as it happens, you should follow us on Instagram!


Hailing all the way from Coventry with a self-assured swagger JAY1 has had a meteoric rise after the single “Your Mrs” made its way to the 18th spot on the U.K. Charts. JAY1 started taking music seriously after moving from North London to the historically student-based city of Coventry in 2016. Bold, confident vocals and candid lyrics gave the U.K. MC a fundamental versatility despite often letting his lyrics speak for themselves on minimalist trap beats, he demonstrated his ability to adapt to everything from club-rap to Afroswing.

Jade Louise

Jade Louise Is a Drum and Bass DJ hailing from Manchester, bringing a saucy selection of Jump Up & Rollers to dance floors across the country. Securing sets up and down the UK & International supporting acts as big as BOU, AMC, Alcemist, Monrroe, Ac13, Serum & Inja, Sub zero and many, many more.

Kai Bosch

Having uprooted himself aged 17 from the sleepy town of Polzeath, Cornwall to the throbbing nightlife of Berlin before then moving to London, the singer’s forthcoming debut self-titled EP is a release as indebted to the pursuit of sensation as its author. Nodding to the nocturnal sensibilities of James Blake, the gentle emotional surges of The XX and the crisp picture-painting of Lorde, its four tracks wear their emotions on their sleeves, evoking hazy lost nights and fleeting moments caught mid-breath.

DJ Karaba

Karaba is currently working on her own project, an EP that will combine her love of creation and movement for music lovers, and her desire to master production. She’s working with Young Galaxy’s Stephen Ramsey, whom she cites as a key mentor and collaborator during this process. Nearly two years into doing this full-time, Karaba says this project is one of the most personally fulfilling things she has ever done.

Joshua Burnside

“He creates a world and lets us live in it for a while… He’s like going to the theatre” – Mark Radcliffe, BBC Radio 2

Joshua Burnside is an experimental folk songwriter, singer and producer. He takes influence from alternative electronica and Irish traditional song heritages, chopping and blending them with a mixture of found sounds, world music and unorthodox production methods.

Burt Cope

Bristol Based Burt Cope, is one of Bass music’s talked about talents who’s unique sound has created waves in the scene. His production fluctuates between Garage, Bassline and Drum & Bass all of which have that distinctive, versatile Burt Cope sound. Burt was fascinated by dance music at a very young age where he discovered music from the likes of The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers and Pendulum.

Nabihah Iqbal

Nabihah Iqbal is a musician, producer, DJ and broadcaster from London. Her debut album, ‘Weighing of the Heart’, was released via Ninja Tune in December 2017 and has since garnered huge critical acclaim from the likes of The Guardian, Pitchfork, Dazed, The Observer, Q Magazine, BBC Radio 1 and 6Music. She is currently an artist-in-residence at London’s iconic cultural institution, Somerset House, where she is writing and recording her second album.

Oden & Fatzo

Oden & Fatzo are a Frenchelectronic music trio performing only in live act.

Having a very rich sound palette, their universe stands out with a mix of uptempo beat House, solar minimal, breakbeat electro and UK Garage. Mainly inspired by funk, jazz and hip hop, their project is full of different influences.


Salo is the future face of Jazz and Soul music. The Georgian singer, songwriter, producer, Dj and pianist is one of the most exciting artists breaking through in the scene right now. Taking influence from neo soul, old jazz, blues and native Georgian harmonies, her songwriting and vocals make it hard to believe she’s only 22 years old. Though she’s been compared to artists such as Sade, Amy Winehouse, Beth Orton and Jill Scott , it’s impossible to directly compare her to any artist as her personal lyrics and traditional Georgian influenced harmonisation make her stand in her own lane completely.


Ultraflex creates a flamboyant audio-visual world inspired by disco, funk and tongue-in-cheek tasteless aesthetics. The duo’s material is both kitsch and conceptual – pushed through a contemporary pop culture filter. Ultraflex creates their own brand new lotion carefully tailored to your needs. Ultraflex started out drawing tons of inspiration from Soviet and Eastern European electronic music from the 80s, especially Estonian synth-funk producer Uku Kuut, while playing around with old Soviet aerobic videos as visuals for their concerts.


“JFDR is a properly prolific talent” -i-D

“A rare phenomenon” – The Line of Best Fit

Cited as an inspiration by Icelandic legend Björk, Jófríður Ákadóttir has made 12 albums in the 12 years since she was 15.

Ákadóttir began her musical career as a 14-year-old in Reykjavik, forming the group Pascal Pinon with her twin sister and a pair of friends. She was also a member of the Icelandic supergroup Gangly, has collaborated or performed with a variety of artists including Lapalux, Damien Rice and Olafur Arnalds. She has scored several television and film projects, including Icelandic feature film “Backyard Village” and Icelandic drama series “Sisterhood”, and is working on an upcoming documentary series.


felicita is an Anglo-Polish artist and music producer, signed to the famed electronic pop collective PC Music.

Twisting and contorting 21st century pop into high concept, hallucinatory sonic experiences, they have collaborated with A.G. Cook, Caroline Polachek, and TommyCash, and produced commissions for Balenciaga and misbhv.