Route 94

Agent: Naomi Palmer
Based: London, UK
Label: Routine Records


Route 94, real name Rowan Jones, represents the very best of British, London’s beat flows through his veins. The city’s rich musical history informs all of his work, giving him his unique fingerprint. Cultivating his sound for years, Rowan first got to grips with music production when he was 13 years of age. In the 12 years that have passed since, the Londoner has performed all over the world from Mexico to Miami, Amsterdam to Dubai, Sydney, Ibiza to name but a few.

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Upcoming Bookings

Solar, Navan 22/12/2018
Corona Sunsets, Colombia 30/12/2018
District 8, Dublin 18/01/2019
Underground, Liverpool 09/02/2019
Truth, Malta 24/02/2019